Top 8 of the most beautiful places in Croatia!


As you know, the country of Croatia is very beautiful and every keen on holidays must visit it at least once in a lifetime! This land is famous mostly with its richness of amazing cities and impressing sights. There you can see many incredible things, as if you go there […]

Top sights you should see in Croatia!


Hi there! One of our favorite summer destinations in Europe is the amazing country of Croatia (click here). It is incredible place where you can get lost in unbounded beauty, as well as to see really incredible things… For some time, Croatia became very preferred destination due to its great […]

Top summer resorts to visit in Bulgaria! Learn more!


Have you ever wondered „How do I find my holiday destination considering the huge list of resorts across the Europe? “, or „ How can I save some money on accommodation or other bigger expenses? “ ? You are not the only one who is wondering how to plan its […]