Good evening to all big fans of romance and old, ancient cities! This time we are going to tell you lots of interesting information about the captivating city of Nessebar in Bulgaria (one of the oldest towns in Europe and the most romantic spot, among the most well-known summer destinations)

First of all, we want to point out that you are able to visit Nessebar throughout the whole year and why not even in February? Probably you are supposing already what we mean… Yes, we are talking about a holiday for two on 14th February – St. Valentine’s Day! That is a great opportunity for you and your half to give yourself an incredible vacation for less along a pleasant ambiance and incredible Black Sea views.


The wonderful city of Nessebar is one of these places that enchants with its unadulterated beauty and great energy, so if you are looking for such a place then do not hesitate at all to visit it!

Nessebar can be described in many ways: an ancient town, romantic town or like a place where you can have fun until the sun rises! It is also family friendly summer destination, while the great deals offered, will give you the chance to stay longer and to experience more exciting emotions with your loved ones. That is awesome, isn’t it?

Over the past few summer seasons, it is noted very strong demand for summer destinations such as the city of Nessebar. But why? The answer is so simple – most people dream of a relaxing holiday away from the boss and hated job, due to the everyday stress which accompanies them throughout the year!

And considering the quietness that can be found in Nessebar, it is not surprising to anyone why this lovely city has become one of the best places to visit, right?

When you are on holiday in Nessebar, you can do long walks along the coastal street, while enjoying the whiff of the sea or the magnificent sea sunsets!

You will see that even off peak hours, in Nessebar, there are many people in the restaurants who dine and have a lot of fun!