What is Smartsoft intelligent document processing software and for which business areas it is suitable

Modern businesses are oriented towards the maximum digitization of the work process, which aims to achieve better professional results. Solutions such as intelligent document processing software are a popular method for optimizing accounting activities that usually take a lot of time and are not always associated with perfect accuracy.

For that reason, solutions like SmartSoft prove to be a good “tool” for improving company structures, but especially invoicing. Over time, this software is integrated into more and more corporate structures which proves its effectiveness and wide application.

What is SmartSoft?

If you haven’t heard of this software solution yet, it is helpful to know that it is a way of intelligent document processing software. With its help, the process of issuing documents is accelerated, and in addition, accuracy increases and costs are optimized. Instead of employees wasting time manually issuing company invoices to customers, they can focus on other activities such as developing the product portfolio or working with customers.

SmartSoft is an innovative software that automates the extraction of important data from scanned documents or those in electronic version. Another function of the system is to validate, archive and sort, which also helps in timely payments by counterparties. Optical character detection and recognition is among the leading advantages of SoftSmart, which is used in many small to very large scale businesses.

What are the benefits of Intelligent Document Processing Solutions (IDP)?

The advantages of intelligent document processing software are numerous, which also explains the fact that an increasing number of companies are interested in the software and willingly choose it for their accounting activities. The main dividends this app is associated with are:

  • greater accuracy and efficiency in the processing of company documents – time for manually writing invoices is reduced, accuracy is increased. It gives employees and managers a chance to focus on other important tasks, some of them quite critical. SmartSoft uses special algorithms, thanks to which data extraction occurs in a short time and in the most accurate way;
  • reduced costs – the use of intelligent document processing software also has financial implications. The software replaces manual data entry and this helps save money – something also very important for company profitability;
  • making informed decisions easily – solutions such as intelligent document processing software provide an opportunity to comprehensively monitor customer behavior, which is very important for any organization. Using this information, firms can change their marketing strategy and approach to their partners.

There is no doubt that SmartSoft intelligent document processing software is an excellent way to develop company activity and achieve great business results in the long term as well.

How the system works?

SmartSoft is a software that has been developed to help modern businesses optimize their labor costs, but also to improve their company reputation. Here’s how the app works:

  • detection of information – capturing the data important for document making is the first stage of working with this intelligent document processing software. In the course of the process, the different text characters are recognized, which are then transformed into digital data. Such “understanding” of the document is also the main advantage of the system;
  • identifying and extracting the necessary data from the document – this happens through algorithms, and it is possible to apply several techniques in order to better recognize the objects, the type of document and the customer;
  • processing the extracted data –it is implemented on the basis of preliminary settings of the platform, so that the accuracy is maximum. In addition, the document may be also referred for pre-approval, as well as to enter up-to-date information on amounts owed.

In conclusion, intelligent document processing software is suitable for business fields such as healthcare, finance and accounting, law firms, manufacturing and exporting, e-commerce and many more.