End of lease cleaning – do it right this time

End of lease cleaning – what about this procedure? Did you ever had the chance not to clean your ex-home in case you live rent and your main task in this situation is to find the best way for you to get back your deposit back in full? Well, if there is some chance to fully escape from this undertaking, let say what it is… First thing that comes to our mind, this is the professional cleaning company that will be at your disposal every time when you are about to change your current address.

Act cunningly and decisively

End of tenancy cleaning London
professional cleaning

And get your deposit back in full! This is very important for you as an ex-tenant. Do not be afraid to try new things and call some really good cleaning company to help you clean up your ex-home. Check every single point from the contract and become a tenant for example. Your landlord will appreciate you efforts and will give you the money you have invested initially, no doubt.

First thing you should pay attention of when it comes down to the professional end of lease cleaning London, this is the list of services available. Have in mind that in order to clean your lodging to the last detail, you have to book package of services:

  • Floor and windows washing;
  • Carpet vacuuming and washing (if necessary);
  • Dust removing (from the furniture and so);
  • Oven cleaning;
  • Fridge cleaning and defrosting (recommended);
  • Upholstery cleaning;
  • Toilet and bathroom disinfection.

All these services are required if you want to remain with good relations with the landlord. Do not miss anything and do your best in the name of the cleanliness of your ex-lodging. Take care of your future home and do the right thing in the name of its perfect cleanliness and freshness. This way, you will open a new page in your life. Enjoy the change…

What if you are a landlord

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living room

You may be the person who rent its property to other people. In this case, you have the same responsibilities that you mustn’t skip if your goal is to have permanent tenants who are satisfied with the amenities provided. Give your tenants the best conditions for living and let them feel the coziness at home.

Even if you are in the position of landlord, your obligations are not less than if you are a tenant. Even vice versa… You will have to think about many more things in order to attract interested people and those who are ready to take the property even today. Be sure that everything to the last detail is just as it should be and go ahead – advertise your property and be sure that very soon your phone will overheat by ringing. But before that:

  • Provide more beauty and comfort at home;
  • Polish all the glass surfaces;
  • Aromatize;
  • Disinfect;
  • Arrange;
  • Decorate;
  • Pay attention to the details.

If you check the points listed below, hardly you will be troubled of finding the most suitable tenants. Be sure that very soon they will knock on the door because of the great interest they have to your property.

End of lease

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End of lease is an important event with an unclear end. You never know how it will end, so do your best and clean up every single corner available. If you are looking for a good performance by the cleaning company, bet on Crown Cleaners London and be sure that this place will meet all your expectations:

  • Great results;
  • Low prices;
  • Polite attitude;
  • Uncompromising cleanliness;
  • Long-lasting freshness and so.

Every end can be good. Make it such when moving out too!