The charming Mountsorrel village!

Hello, readers! Do you like small, cozy and beautiful places? I think that they are very charming, and I love them! If you are on my opinion too, then continue reading…

Today, I am going to tell you some very interesting facts about the wonderful Mountsorrel village. I am so exited speaking about this kind of places /I do not like the noisy cities/ and it is pleasure for me to share with the people my unforgettable experiences! I am sure also, that if you have not been in place like Mountsorrel, you are missing a lot!

So… reading my next rows, you will learn more about this amazing village.

Mountsorrel is located in Leicestershire, while the River Soar makes it so adorable /more than words can describe/! One of the most recognized places in the village, this is the Buttercross Market , which was built in the remote past /in 1292/. Another famous feature in Mount sorrel – this is the pink granite, as it has been used for building of many houses in the village. It sounds nice, right? Can you imagine how beautiful is this place with such of colors? I had the pleasure to be there and to see with my eyes this wonderful place!leicester_river_soar_1

Very interesting is the fact, that on the territory of Mountsorrel, there is an old farm …

It is named Stonehurst and, yes, it is a real farm and even more – it is working! Being there you can see a variety of animals /I love animals! / and will have the chance to try some homemade food by visiting the local restaurant. If you are tired and need energy, you have to know that there is to the people’s disposal a shop. There you will find a great coffee and the coffee lovers will be well surprised by its excellent quality. As for the farm – it is very popular attraction for the holidaymakers, while the local people often organize many interesting events. For example there can be made some great party for your child’s birthday. The farm is managed by very kind family and you will be always welcome!

Everybody likes rivers, right? So, if you love them too and want to enjoy some beautiful views, standing at the river bank, then see the incredible Soar! Bridges, green meadows and wonderful nature are part of the area, where The River Soar is located. This place has an interesting story too and you can learn a lot of history facts by visiting Mountsorrel village!

You can see the village Mountsorrel from bird eye here: