The country of Bulgaria – simply amazing!

If you love the summer season, if you like beaching and having fun after the sun goes down, that means that you are just like us – a huge fan of the summer holidays, summer entertainments and the relaxation… And if you’re looking for a place where to go during your leave of absence, stay here, get informed and get inspired! We will help you find your place, your destination that to visit when outside is sunny and perfect for family and romantic getaways!

Well, we are not sure why but the first place we are think of when it comes down to vacations at sea is the country of Bulgaria… And it is not only about its amazing summer resorts, all that you will find in this lovely land worth seeing, touching and feeling, so just read and learn why you have to go there this summer!

One of the most visited, popular and beautiful summer resorts in Bulgaria is the famous St. Vlas. – Do you know it? Have you ever been there? This place is a luxury sea destination in Bulgaria that every keen on the good hotels, the comfort and the pleasures visit to experience lots of unforgettable moments. And if you love yachts, the bright lights and the nice restaurants, book your summer vacation in St. vlas Bulgaria!

sunny beach bulgaria

What else about the city? Why you should organize your vacation there and will you experience the vacation of your dreams if you go there? Is it suitable this place for families with kids, or its kind of party destination?

Near St. Vlas you will find the ancient town of Nessebar (10 km), the biggest resort in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach and the beautiful city of Burgas (35 km south). All this is giving you the chance to visit and explore other places without traveling too long. So the answer of the question “Is St. Vlas suitable for family vacations?” is “yes”- St. Vlas is not only suitable, but even perfect for family holidays at sea! Do not hesitate and take your beloved ones there. They will surely like this gorgeous place…

We have mentioned Holidays sunny beach. Probably you know that it is the biggest sea resort in Bulgaria that thousands of holidaymakers (from all over the world) visit every single summer and not only! There is cheap, because the discounts for early bookings are so amazing, that you can stay there for two weeks by paying a reasonable price. Have in mind that if you book your summer family vacation in Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria in March or even in February, you can get 30 % lower price that is too good to be true – but it is! In this way, you can book your hotel room for more nights that is great for all the members of your family!

Sunny Beach resort is very popular mainly with its dynamic night life. Maybe you know about the numerous discos and beach bars where everybody can bust a move till the morning? Probably some of your friends have been there and have told you what an amazing place is the resort – especially when it comes to night entertainments…

Even if you have no friends or relatives who have been in Sunny Beach resort before, its glory is so great, that almost every citizen in Europe knows what we are talking about. Since Sunny Beach resort is a host of tourists from everywhere, it is popular among the foreign holidaymakers and a preferred summer destination for the Bulgarian people who just like you love the sea!

If you need a good hotel and would like to dine in cozy restaurants, Sunny Beach resort is the perfect place. There is a long list of nice hotels – each of them suitable for families with kids. The hotel services are varied, while the customer attitude is on a high level! And just like the most hotels in Europe, those in Sunny Beach resort are well-maintained, offering all kinds of feeding (All Inclusive, BB and HB) and perfectly designed for the tourists who have small kids and even babies!

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Do not hesitate if your vacation in Sunny Beach resort will be fulfilling… It will be!

Bulgaria is a lovely land. Really, there are only a few places in Europe like this country… If you love the nature, the mountain, the sea and the cultural sights as well, Bulgaria has to be on the top of your list when it comes to summer, winter or spring holidays! We forgot the autumn ones – this season is also suitable for you to go in Bulgaria since the climate is pleasant and mild.

Where you can go in Bulgaria (except the summer resorts)? Is this land suitable only for sea tourism, or you can spend an excellent time during the winter too? Are the ski Holidays Bulgaria resorts good enough?

Well, yes, Bulgaria is more than suitable for winter/ski tourism. There are 3 amazing ski resorts that the same people who go in Bulgaria for summer holidays visit during the winter. Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo – remember those names. Every of these resorts are simply incredible… The ski runs, the ski schools, the hotels, the restaurants, the discos (yes, that’s right – there are many discos) are attractive points for the keen on the vacations among the snow. And if you like the Bulgaria summer resorts, no doubts you will like the mountain ones too! To all our readers who do not know Bulgaria in details, but who are interested to learn more about it, would like to say that this land is very picturesque, has stunning nature and huge natural resources! All this makes Bulgaria for being an excellent destination for all kinds of tourism including the winter ones.

Recently, the rural tourism and the villages as a holiday destination are gaining great popularity and for that reason, this kind of tourism is also well-developed in Bulgaria. To see some of the ancient small villages of the country, as well as a part of its cultural heritage is an irreplaceable experience that you have to enjoy!