Do you love skiing and relaxation? If yes, visit the winter resort of Bansko!

Hello there! Since the winter is already here, the fans of skiing start searching for their next winter destination, while the questions like: “Where to go this year? „ or” How to make the best choice for my family holiday in the mountain?” are in your mind all the time… It rings a bell, right?

We understand you very well and that is why we are here, being enthusiastic more than ever to help you with this not easy matter at all…

Loving the snowy environment, long walks among majestic forests and exciting winter sports, we always remember about the amazing place called Bansko that is the perfect winter resort when it comes to ski holidays and winter destinations!! See Bansko today here!


You should go to this lovely ski resort this year, because if you have not been there before, but love the snowy adventures and the fulfilling relaxation, by visiting the mountain resort of Bansko you will have the holiday you are dreaming for!

We will try to describe this unique place in a few words in order you to get some idea about it…

So, the location of Bansko allows the holidaymakers to enjoy both incredible, picturesque nature and fresh air /situated in the Pirin Mountain, the ski resort of Bansko is a preferred holiday destination by the people who have some respiratory diseases too/, while the well-maintained and various ski runs are the main reason why this lovely place welcomes more and more fans of skiing with every passing winter /there is a very good ski school where you can take several lessons of skiing in order to improve your level/ !!

We would like to point out what are the advantages of Bansko as regards to relaxation and a great time outside the ski slopes… Well, no doubts we can say that this winter resort offers some of the best conditions for recreation throughout Europe – SPA centers, excellent hotels where you will meet friendly welcome and very good custom service, nice restaurants providing unique cuisine and so on…

If you are concerned about the financial part…., stop worrying about! Not only the ski resort of Bansko, but also the other Bulgarian holiday destinations offer a full range of good services at very low and competitive prices!

Visit Bansko and enjoy your unforgettable ski holiday!!