Have a memorable summer vacation and visit Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria!

What do you think your summer holiday should be – dynamic, or pleasant, or even extreme? How do you imagine the perfect getaway – filled with lots of unforgettable emotions at the beach, or among the nature? It doesn’t matter where you will spend your family vacation (at the beach or in the mountain), as long as you feel good while on holiday… But if you are the type of tourists who are keen on the summer night life, then you surely have to go to Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria!

Bulgaria holidays sunny beach

This summer destination is ranked at 1st position when it comes to entertainments along the Black Sea coast… It is attractive, modern and highly developed over the years as a holiday destination. Sunny Beach resort is a desired place for family and solo holidays, as everyone who has been there before, come back for more!

In Bulgaria, there are many other wonderful, summer resorts where you can experience the vacation of your dreams – great beach time, lots of opportunities for having fun (day and night) and delicious food… But if we have to be honest, there is no other place like Sunny Beach! This is a real, sea “treasure” and you have to see it! If you book your holiday now, will get such a discount that you have never imagined. Thus, you will be able to stay more days and even to save some money … – Sounds great, isn’t?

Sunny Beach resort is a summer destination number 1 in Bulgaria due to the huge variety of hotels too. There you can find many different hotels and guest houses, so 100 % you will find the hotel you need (prices, categorization, conditions for families with kids etc.).

The amazing establishments in Sunny Beach are just as many as the accommodations… At every corner, you will see a cozy café or nice restaurant from which a Bulgarian folk music sounds! You will be very impressed by the incredible Bulgarian cuisine and dishes, so do not forget to spend even one evening while dining in some of the restaurants in Sunny Beach!

Night life in the resort hardly can be described… It is so popular among the European holiday makers that millions of foreign tourists visit Sunny Beach especially for this reason! Yes, probably you do not believe us now, but if you spend even a night in some of the attractive night clubs in the resort, you will find out what we are talking about… Enjoy!!