Top 8 of the most beautiful places in Croatia!

As you know, the country of Croatia is very beautiful and every keen on holidays must visit it at least once in a lifetime! This land is famous mostly with its richness of amazing cities and impressing sights. There you can see many incredible things, as if you go there for a family vacation, it will be more than perfect… – Be sure!!

Croatia is hiding several extremely beautiful places you must see. And today we are going to tell you which they are and whether they are worth be visited!

Place number 1 – Dubrovnik

Well, the city of Dubrovnik is popular as the emblem of Croatia. This town is one of the most visited places in the country and you will see it in every tourist program for Croatia. Dubrovnik is ancient, romantic and very picturesque city. Suitable for both family and solo trips, the town welcomes millions of tourist every year. Be one of them and get inspired!

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Place number 2 – Plitvice lakes National Park

A little bit different than the city of Dubrovnik, this place isn’t ancient but is very picturesque and impressing. Everybody knows the Plitvice lakes National Park but if he has been there? If he isn’t and more than ever would like to see this miracle of the nature, this summer might be the perfect moment to do that. There can be seen amazing lakes, that are connected with waterfalls and that are a real inspiration for every man of art!

Place number 3 – Pula

Love the antiquity? Well, the city of Pula will give you the chance to enjoy and to feel the spirit of the distant past… There is located a marvelous Roman amphitheater that is a real masterpiece of the human hand! Enjoy “the Colosseum in Pula” and explore the other sights in the city – they are just as impressive as the coliseum!

Place number 4 – Zadar

Yet another proof of that the country of Croatia is really incredible place! The city of Zadar is famous with its fabulous sounds you can hear from everywhere! Thanks to the architect Nikola Bashic, along the coastline are built-in more than 30 tubes in which air passes and as a result are created incredible sounds! „Morske orgulje” – that’s the musical instrument “guilty” of all that and you have to see it instead to read about it hundreds of times! Enjoy this incredible sight and open your sences…

To be continued…