Enjoy Summer 2017 and visit Golden Sands resort, Bulgaria!

Wish to go to some different place for a holiday? Have a tinny budget and want to save some money when on excursion, but you don’t know how to do it? – Well, we are specialists in the tourist area and know very well what the needs of every holidaymaker are… That is the reason why we have decided to create this interesting travel blog – to inform you every day about amazing destinations where you can escape for less, but together with that to have an incredible family vacation or solo trip!

Today we are going to give you some proven tips and very useful guidelines that will help you to find your place for the upcoming summer season 2017!

Golden Sands resort in Bulgaria is the holiday destination that will charm you with its attractive travel deals, beautiful sandy beach and magnificent nature…

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We highly recommend you to go there during the summer because you will surely have a pleasant vacation, while the prices are extremely low allowing you to spend lots of money related to the most common expenses when on holiday – hotel, food, entertainments, souvenirs, different kind of attractions, additional services etc.!


Why this so amazing resort is called “Golden Sands”? – Well, it is called with this name due to the lovely sand that is just like a gold with its incredible color and very fine texture… And by the way, in the distant past, pirates were thinking that there is a real gold or something but in fact they found just a gorgeous beach instead some treasure (imagine their faces J)…

Golden Sands resort is a bit different than the other Bulgarian resorts along the Black sea coast because of its captivating nature that is just one step away from the beach! So if you love the nature and hesitate between summer or mountain vacation, go ahead I don’t hesitate anymore – Golden Sands is the perfect solution for all those who are wondering how can they have it all!

What are the prices in Golden Sands resort? – They are really low and your summer vacation for four or five will cost you much less than if you go to Turkey or Greek, for example… Yes, in the mentioned countries there are many incredible beaches and hotels too, but you will pay so much more for the same conditions and services!

And do not be surprised if you see in Golden Sands people from all nationalities… As we already said, this place is incredible, budget friendly and perfectly suited for holidaymakers with small kids – good reason to go there, right!