Go to Golden Sands resort and enjoy the unique charm of this place!

What is happen when we have to choose between holiday among nature and such at the sea? Well, all we know that everyone has a different taste and preferences as regards to holiday destinations, so if somewhere there is a place that to contribute all the components for having both relaxation and fun when on vacation, it would be really wonderful, right?

If you agree with us and are looking for just such a place then, no doubts, your next summer holiday should be in Golden Sands!


This amazing place is a favorite holiday destination for thousands of tourist who want to spend nice time with their families while on vacation at sea… But not only the great conditions for summer entertainments make Golden Sands resort for being so desired and popular place among people from all over the world – there you can enjoy beautiful and picturesque nature too! That is the reason why the resort is a part of the Natural Park of “Golden Sands”, which is protected territory by the low and well-kept by the country. Everyone who loves both peace and quietness will be completely satisfied with its stay there! Walking among the beautiful nature in Golden Sands, you will hear the melodic songs of birds and see many different kinds of plants – this unique resort is hiding wonderful flora and fauna, as that is the main reason why it is so preferred holiday destination for many years.

Although all the great conditions for relaxation that you can find in Golden Sands resort, there are excellent ways of entertainment too!  If you have an adventures spirit and are ready to rise up your adrenaline, then try some of the attractive water sports while on the beach! In case that you are not keen on such dynamic activities, then you can have fun playing volleyball or other beach sports – the choice is yours…

For the youngest guests of Golden Sands there is a big variety of amusements, which will contribute for their good mood throughout the vacation: pony riding, amusement park, water attractions, children animation etc.