Get inspired by the beauty of Sozopol!

Hardly, there is a better example for a place that contributes modern with ancient then the city of Sozopol!

Located on a small peninsula, this holiday destination is one of most beautiful and romantic places not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole Europe too… When visiting the city, every tourist is impressed by the incredible old houses that are renovated and preserved in its authentic appearance and style.


Every fan of the beauty will be charmed by Sozopol, because there you can enjoy picturesque sunsets over the sea that will take your breath away, while the unique atmosphere in the down town will make you feel coziness and calmness! Sozopol as a summer destination is very suitable for families with children – there you can have an excellent vacation with all the necessary preconditions for one-week holiday or for longer!

This wonderful place has lots to offer to its visitors and every day spend there will be exciting and filled with many positive and unforgettable moments! For example, every morning you can go to the beautiful beach where to enjoy the bright sun and crystal clear water. Except this, at all tourists’ disposal there are many modern beach bars that offer a full variety of cooling beverages and different kind of snacks!

After time spent at the beach you can have a lunch in some of the local restaurants that will also impress you with its coziness and pleasant environment – almost every establishment in the city offers the traditional for the country cuisine, as well as many other seasonal dishes – you should certainly try the Bulgarian meals popular with its unique taste and aroma!

Most restaurants in Sozopol have very good location that is just front of the sea. That allows the guests to enjoy incredible sea views while having a dinner or just drinking a coffee… In case that you are on a holiday in Sozopol with your beloved one and want to spend romantic time with her/him, go there and make sure that this amazing city is the perfect place for couples in love!