Top summer resorts to visit in Bulgaria! Learn more!

Have you ever wondered „How do I find my holiday destination considering the huge list of resorts across the Europe? “, or „ How can I save some money on accommodation or other bigger expenses? “ ? You are not the only one who is wondering how to plan its family vacation. And we are here to help you find your place by giving you tested tips and good advices!

Most of people have already started looking for a summer destination, because now is the best time for you to book your holiday and if you check in the Internet the travel deals of the hotels in Bulgaria


As we have started with summer destinations, would like continue today’s topic in this direction…

First of all, we want share with you some of our personal impressions about the country of Bulgaria as a summer destination. Since we have been in almost all summer resorts of this magnificent land, we can say that this country is more than we expected! We found Bulgaria to be far more beautiful and captivating than we ever thought… And its summer resorts are just gorgeous with the amazing beaches and abounding attractions you can find there. Speaking about attractions, there is no way we not to mention the extraordinary Sunny Beach resort, that is the Black Sea ‘s hottest point for all people who are looking for night entertainments and active life during the day!

But still, if you do not like this type of holiday (filled with lots of dynamic) and prefer to spend your summer vacation at some more quite place, then trust our experience and visit Golden Sands resort! We love that place and you surely will fall in love with it! Hardly there is someone who can resist Golden Sands because it is so enchanting with its picturesque nature and beautiful beach famous with its unique golden sand! There you can combine both summer entertainments and relaxation among the Mother Nature!