Top sights you should see in Croatia!

Hi there!

One of our favorite summer destinations in Europe is the amazing country of Croatia. It is incredible place where you can get lost in unbounded beauty, as well as to see really incredible things…

For some time, Croatia became very preferred destination due to its great beaches, captivating nature and amazing sights. On every travel agency’ shop-front you can see attractive offers for a holidays or round-tours in Croatia – they may cover several destinations or only one place across the country.

Today we would like to share with you what are the most beautiful, impressing and breathtaking landmarks in Croatia, as well as to guide you how to reach them!

1.Diocletian’s Palace

This amazing record of the past is located in Split and is the best preserved architectural landmark from the time of the Roman Empire… An interesting is the fact that this magnificent castle is considerable large, so that it quite easily can be called a city (it has area about 38 000 sq. meters).


2.Plitvichki lakes

Well, if you want to see “heaven on earth”, go to Lika (historical region in Croatia) where you will find the most picturesque and visited natural sight in the whole Europe! By visiting Plitvichki lakes you will enjoy the many fantastic, turquoise lakes, majestic waterfalls and mysterious caves – do not forget to bring your camera because you will need it!


3.The Pula Amphitheater

If you love the Ancient World and want to want to touch it, then visit the Amphitheater in Pula (also called “Pula Arena”)! It is one of the largest and most beautiful amphitheaters in the world (6th place) that worth be seen… It was built in the first century and will amaze you with its grandeur and exquisiteness!

4.National park Brioni

Located on the west coast of Istria there are several amazing islands you can see, as some of them are declared for national parks. You can even spend your holiday there by visiting the biggest one, where are built several nice hotels and cozy villas.

5.The Princely palace in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the most visited city in Croatia where you will see a series of sights in one place! Built in Gothic style, this amazing palace will take you into another world, or otherwise – in the distant past… Enjoy the incredible beauty and magnetism of this landmark and take a long walk around the city (if possible). In Dubrovnik there are many incredible sights and breathtaking views we recommend you to see!