How about some Spa Hotels & Resorts in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is famous with its mineral waters – there are way more than 700-750 mineral springs (Wikipedia information), but most of all you can enjoy them in some of the real best spa resorts and hotels in Europe.

We love spa, as you probably already know and we want to share that the best place for spa during winter season is Bulgaria. There are a lot of hotels and resorts in Bulgaria – like Bansko, Borovets, Pamprovo that offer a SPA holidays, bundle with winter ski or snowboarding experience… One of the hidden gems in that manner is Velingrad – this place offer amazing spa procedures (massages, aromatherapy, Jacuzzi, etc.) and you can check online for offers in  – a famous place for very quality hotels and nice prices, for those of you that seek only best value for their money.onfirebg-spa-hotels-offer

Most of the procedures are made by professional personal and the treatment is via strong mineral water. The activity called underwater gymnastics is more and more popular in elderly holidaymakers, if you are one of those folks you will be very happy when you arrive. The other one – balanced hydro massages are very good also. Remember that even week or two of drinking healthy mineral water will help you detox and actually cleanse your body. The nature of Velingrad is quite spectacular too. You will feel amazing, after that holiday, we are 100% sure.

SPA holidays are well common in the people that live in a hurry, a lot of work in the polluted cities, without many exercise and movement. If you are one of these people do not hesitate, just visit the site and book in Velingrad – we guarantee that you will be not disappointed 🙂

Last, but no least is that in Bulgaria is quite cheap compare to Swizz or other famous destinations, its kind like a hidden place, to escape to and no one disturb your free time, time for you only, for friends or family.

Velingrad is not far at all from Sofia – the capital city of Bulgaria, so the travel aspect of your holiday is a breeze. We recommend you to visit the site we refer to, they are very polite, professional and you will get answered to every question you have about your dream holiday in Bulgaria.

Thanks for reading it, sharing it, loving it.
All best!