Holidays in Bulgaria and Croatia – which country is the better one?

Everybody is telling that to travel is great. But how many people know where are the best summer destinations? In most cases we visit one and the same places just because they are popular, without having an idea that actually there are many other amazing destinations that worth visiting. If you live in UK and every year go to Greece or Turkey for having an unforgettable vacation at sea, then it is time to change your destination. Have in in mind that in Europe there are many stunning places that hardly can be compared to the above mentioned countries – though they are very beautiful and impressing too!

For example Croatia – isn’t this land simply amazing? Have you ever been there and if the answer is “yes”- what do you think about this place? Do you want to go there once again and if you have this chance, what you are going to see this time. Probably the city of Dubrovnik, or you prefer something different… – Like Split or Hvar that are also gorgeous cities for you to visit them?

Well, we think that Croatia is reach in numerous places and tourist attractions that may impress every single tourist. We are sure that wherever you decide to go, will spend an unforgettable holiday as the main reason why you should hit the road to Croatia is the magnificent Adriatic! During the summer season you will be able to enjoy the beach that is different than the others you have seen… But let it be a surprise to you :)!

streets in croatia

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If you attend to go to some tourist agency that to offer you an organized excursion to Croatia, have in mind that the city of Dubrovnik will be included in the program. Since this town is one of the most famous places when it comes to Croatia holidays and in the same time one of the most ancient, do not be surprised that except the Plitvice lakes National Park you will have to visit and the city of Dubrovnik too. But this town is so magnetic that hardly you will have anything against!

We would like to say something more about Summer holidays in Croatia – Dubrovnik… Even that in Croatia there are really many amazing places and sights, Dubrovnik is like the cherry of the cake when we are talking about summer vacations in this country. There is a reason why thousands of holidaymakers travel thousands of miles just to see this place. We are going to tell you which it is…

Actually there is a list of reasons why you should go to Dubrovnik not only during the summer season, but during the other seasons too. The first one is the Old Town that will charm you and will make you feel amazing only by walking down the streets. Everywhere you can see impressive sights reminding you of the distant past. And if you want to touch its energy, just go to the city fortress walls that are still in very good condition and also open to the tourists who are interested in both the history and the culture of Croatia! Except this, they are the perfect place for the fans of romance who wish to spend romantic moments with their beloved ones – enjoying dreamily the Adriatic!

All the hotels and restaurants in Dubrovnik are suitable for families with children. The atmosphere is cozy and nice, so you will be able to fully relax with your beloved ones. This place offers also a good value for money, so do not think that Dubrovnik is too expensive or something… Nothing of the kind – there you will find many budget-friendly accommodations and many gorgeous establishment where to dine surrounded by pleasant environment. For the people who have small kids and are looking for suitable place where to take them for a week, the city of Dubrovnik is more than suitable – it is even perfect! Do not hesitate and visit the town as soon as you have this opportunity and note that even if you decide to go there in the autumn, your vacation will be just like in your dreams – pleasant and unforgettable!

As we said, you have a huge choice in front of you when it comes to holidays in Europe. You can visit several countries that literally can take your breath away… One of them is the land of roses – Bulgaria!

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It is already mid-September. Weather is still suitable for beaching, especially in Bulgaria. Temperatures are around 30 degrees, so you can spend a wonderful one-week vacation on the beach! If your boss has just given you the long-awaited leave and you are wondering if you will have the chance to enjoy the sea, stop wondering and be sure that being in Bulgaria you will be able to do that and much more! This lovely country offers to all its visitors incredible conditions for having fun and relaxation.

mountain in Bulgaria

There are people who prefer to go to the mountain. They love the sea but the picturesque nature and the smell of the forests are their weakness… They want to explore every part of the mountain, as well as to see as many as possible natural miracles. All this is giving them a special feeling – feeling that can’t be compared to anything else!

We love the nature too. In Bulgaria it is wonderful and stunning, as all the mountains in this lands are hiding fairy towns, villages and sights that we strongly recommend you to visit! Learn about the history of the country and stay for a week in some of the ancient cities like Veliko Tarnovo. This place is more than beautiful, as every corner there will tell you a story about the town. Open your senses and listen to the melody of this city. If you are man of art, Veliko Tarnovo will highly inspire you and even will become your muse!

It is not mandatory you to visit some town to have a pleasant holiday. You can book a villa or even a bungalow somewhere in the middle of the forests in order to fully enjoy the nature of Bulgaria. Thus, every morning when you wake up will see amazing view and will feel the scent of nature… – A truly indispensable feeling!