Give your family an amazing, ski holiday and visit Bansko, Bulgaria!

Hello to all fans of skiing and winter adventures! Did you already go on a ski vacation this winter, or are still wondering when and how to do it? Whatever you say, have in mind that you can go on a ski holiday two or even three times during the whole winter season, especially if the destination you will visit is cheap and will not affect significantly on your budget…

In several days comes the long-waited month of March when most people start planning its spring holidays in the mountain. But the good news is that even for the skiers there is a big chance to enjoy many exciting adventures in some winter resort, because there is still snow, the weather conditions are still favorable and all winter hotels are still working!

last chance for holiday in Bansko

And probably, at this point you are wondering where to find such a place where the ski season is long and where you will have the chance to experience many unforgettable moments among the snow…

Well, we know an incredible ski resort that surely will make your dream for a wonderful winter vacation come true and today would like to share with you interesting information about this place!

It is called Bansko and you can find it by visiting the captivating country of Bulgaria. Hidden in the gorgeous Pirin Mountains, it is also one of the most famous, picturesque and visited winter destinations by the local people and holidaymakers from all over the world!

It is no accident that Basnko is so desired and preferred destination when it comes to snowboarding, skiing, climbing, hiking etc.! There you will find excellent ski slopes, modern lift systems and numerous establishments where to have pleasant time after your snowy day…

Together with that, the prices there are very low and if you ski on a budget, a holiday in Bansko will be the best option for you this season!

Have no experience in skiing? Want to try this amazing winter sport but in the same time you are little bit worried about your safety and personal skills? Stop worrying about! – There is no better place than Bansko to learn skiing, because all first- timers are able to visit the great ski school available and to take some short training under the guidance of experienced professionals! And here we would like to add that all instructors in Bansko are very kind and have an incredible common touch (especially to the children). They also speak very well English, so you will feel free to communicate fluently (the same goes for the staff both at the hotel and the restaurant).

For those who have more experience in skiing, in Bansko there are several ski routes (medium and difficult) specially designed for advanced skiers, as the most challenging of them are also called “blue runs”. Thus you can rise up your adrenaline to the max and to feel the pleasure of this awesome sport entirely! But still, you have to be careful and if you have not enough experience, do not overestimate your abilities (it can be dangerous for you)!

Another thing that we would like to pay attention is the accommodation in Bansko. The nice and comfortable hotel is very important part of every vacation, so before booking a room, you should thoroughly to see all the offers available… Be informed that there are several kinds of catering: breakfast, half board (breakfast and dinner), full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and All Inclusive (this kind of catering is more typical for the summer hotels, as includes food, local alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages).  Of course, depending on the type of catering, prices vary. Some people prefer to have only breakfast in order to visit some of the local restaurants and to try different types of food, while others are looking for a package price that includes all meals (point of personal preferences).


Except the catering that contributes to the price determination, you have to pay attention to the categorization of the hotel. There are three-star hotels, four star-hotels and some others that are quite luxurious but are not for every budget (five-star hotels). So, you see for yourself that in Bansko there is a bug variety of accommodations both in terms of food and in terms of comfort… And the best thing you can do in this situation is to take a look at some hotels on the Internet and to decide what the most appropriate solution for you is.

See some of the hotels we recommend you to visit: hotel “Zara”, Pirin Golf Holiday Apartments, Apart-hotel Marie Antoinette, Vihren Palace Ski & Spa, Saint George Palace, Apart Hotel Cornelia etc.

After the long day of skiing, everybody wishes to relax among peaceful and pleasant environment in order to muster new strength for the next dynamic day… For some holidaymakers, the best way for relaxation is to spend some time in the hotel’s SPA center, but others prefer to take a rest by visiting some nice restaurant or attractive night club. The options for relaxation are really many and while on holiday in Bansko, you can try most of them – from the afternoon coffee in a cozy café to the exciting night adventures in some modern night club!

Do not think that for your fulfilling relaxation, you have to spend lots of money… Contrary to your expectations, the prices in Bansko are low and you can afford to try everything without any limitations of a financial character (restaurants, additional services and activities, full program while skiing etc.).  Most European ski resorts provide the same conditions and services but the prices are much higher, so you will have to take into consideration how much money you have all the time. It does not sound very good, right?

And this is the advantage of Bansko – everything is cheap, but the level is high (in accordance with all European requirements). So, do not hesitate anymore and book your holiday in Bansko as soon as possible – the chance to spend an incredible ski vacation is still there and is waiting for you. Go and get it!

Source form Bulgria – Here.