Embark into a real winter adventure by visiting some of the ski resorts in Bulgaria! Learn more!

Hi! Are you ready to learn more about the most topical issue of the season – the exciting ski holidays? If yes, and if you’re also interested and exited to see where are the best travel deals for winter vacations, read carefully what we’re going to share with you today…

Everybody loves the fresh air, fragrance of the forest and the unique atmosphere when on vacation among the snowy nature… Is there anything more wonderful than a relaxing holiday away from the daily routine and 24-hour stress that we must to endure? Yes, there is! And this is a holiday to the mountains of Bulgaria – an amazing land that is rich with adorable forests, amazing lakes, many natural phenomes and incredible cultural monuments!

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During the winter season (and not only), this country is very visited destination due to the great weather conditions (mild climate and plenty of snow) and you’ll be able to enjoy the white fairy tale outside as long as you want, without any chance to freeze from cold!


And you have to know that the captivating mountain resorts of Bulgaria (Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko) are famous not only for its perfect conditions for ski and practicing of other exciting winter sports, but for its natural resources allowing you to try climbing, hiking or to enjoy the much discussed lately eco-tourism too! Great chance, right?

If you are family guy and looking for the best value resort for you and your little kids, consider that each of the gorgeous mountain resorts in Bulgaria will satisfy your special needs and expectations – they are budget-friendly, as in the same will give you the desired comfort when on holiday with two kids, husband/wife and why not with your pet :)!

Let’s tell something more about the places you can visit in the picturesque country of Bulgaria during the winter season – where are they; which are they and what is more specific for each one of them…

We will try briefly and clearly to describe the most distinctive features of the resorts we highly recommend you to visit:

Pamporovo (located in the Rhodope Mountains) is the sunniest ski resort in the country and the most popular in the southeastern Europe! It has excellent ski trails carefully designed for intermediate, advanced and more especially for all beginners who wish to try for the first time this amazing sport!

Borovets (located in the Rila Mountain) is the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria that is also only 70 km away from Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria. Just like the previous resort we mentioned above, Borovets would be the best choice you could ever make when it comes to cheap and family-friendly resort!

Bansko (located in the Pirin Mountains) is the last one of the three most famous ski resort in Bulgaria that will captivate you with breathtaking nature and lovely scenery…