The city of Sozopol – a sea of romance… Click here for more!

When it comes to romance everybody dreams to visit a place where to spend a pleasant time in private with its half and many romantic emotions as well… When it comes to love, nothing is important because for two lovers both time and place do not matter. But, just imagine how wonderful would it be if you have the chance to visit some beautiful and fascinating destination with your beloved one, away from the daily round and all the problems you are forced to resolve every day… And if this place is not only romantic but ancient too, that would be the perfect holiday for two!

There is a city that is located in Bulgaria and that is the most romantic spot in the country and in Europe at all – the city of Sozopol! And when some of our team wants to surprise its half, always go there – to experience the latest portion of romance!


Why we love so much Sozopol? – Well, we really love it and the more we visit this town, the more we fall in love with it! It is gorgeous, stunning and just unique with its ancient atmosphere and incredible sights. There also can be seen many old houses that are just like postcards and hardly there is anyone who can resist this picture… And while walking hand in hand with your loved one through the narrow alleys, the feeling that will possess you is just indescribably!

Take some time to observe the sea… Go to the beach at sunset, enjoy the pageant of colors on the horizon and let this beauty conquer you! For two lovers this would be really romantic experience and surely you will leave Sozopol even more in loved.

Except that this amazing city is the perfect place for all fans of romance, it is also very cheap summer destination and great place for having lots of fun! There you can find numerous guesthouses that will amaze you with its budget-friendly deals and family-friendly conditions. And together with that, you will be able to enjoy the numerous entertainments in the night club nearby, or at the excellent beach in front of your hotel!

Do not think that Sozopol is only beautiful and nothing more… Yes, it has really lovely environment and atmosphere, but in the same time is a perfect destination for people who are looking for modern hotels, luxury spa holidays and other amenities. Before to hit the road to Sozopol, make a short research and see for yourself that this magnificent town has something for everyone – from the economical rooms in family homes to impressing suites in luxury hotels. And regarding the establishments, matters stand in the same way – from small restaurants nestled near the sea to the large and gorgeous establishments where everything is chic and all the visitors look just amazing!

Our favorite thing in Sozopol is the center of the city. While walking along the main street, you will see many cozy cafes on both your sides and numerous small shops where you can buy a beautiful hand-made souvenir that to give to a friend or to your family… For all lovers of art, in Sozopol there are many picturesque paintings that you can buy directly from the artist who painted them – most of the painters create right on the street and you can even watch them while they are composing their consecutive work!

Every summer holiday has to be filled with many beach emotions. What would be your vacation if you don’t go to the sea to spend some time while entertaining in the water or on the sand? Never be the same, right? And yes, to walk all day long in this wonderful city is good, but there is a chance at some point you to get tired and to want to interleave your time in Sozopol.

And that is completely normal… So, visit the gorgeous beach of Sozopol, go to some of the attractive beach bars, get a tasty cocktail (the perfect way to cool yourself) and try some water attractive that will rise your adrenaline up!

Okey, we have already told you why we love so much Sozopol but forgot to inform you what prices you can expect in this lovely city…


Well, along the Black Sea coast there are many incredible summer resorts where you take advantage in low prices and big discounts for early booking. And if you think that your summer holiday in Sozopol will come expensive – you are wrong! The city is really budget-friendly summer destination and that is actually one of the most reasons why so many tourists visit it every summer. Being there, you will have the chance to try everything that Sozopol offers, because the prices everywhere are low and even the most financial limited holidaymaker will be able to afford a good restaurant, nice hotel and night entertainments.

For all Britons the country of Bulgaria is suitable destination due to the convenient flights, easy to reach resorts, pleasant climate and good prices. And when the summer comes, this land become a sea destination number one among the holidaymakers from UK – excellent summer resorts, very good quality, nice and friendly people, lots of entertainments and incredible sea… Except this, you can get to every summer resort by comfortable bus or by renting a car. And have in mind that if you want to visit Sozopol, there is a charter flight from London to Burgas (one of the biggest cities in Blgaria) that lasts only three hours!

So dear readers don’t waste your time and book your holiday in Sozopol right now. If you make a reservation in some hotel till the end of March, you will get a great price with 15-20%, or even 25% discount and thus you will pay much less! Together with that you will be able to extend your stay (if you wish), to visit more places and to book a luxury hotel…

Your holiday in Sozopol will make you really happy and you will have the most pleasant time ever. And don’t forget to be romantic – if you are not, this amazing city will make you be…