Our best travel tips after several years traveling Europe – Part two!

Hi there!
Today is the day when we are going to share with you our part 2 of the amazing series “Our best travel tips after several years traveling the Europe”!
In our previous part, we have mentioned four useful and proven tips that can be very helpful before you hit the road! And now it’s time to tell you more about how to travel better and how to spend as pleasant as possible holiday or longer trip…
Well, to be every journey a priority in your life, you have to fully enjoy it first. And to fully enjoy your vacation, you should see the best of the destination you are visiting and get into the mood for many wonderful emotions… Probably, you are thinking now “well this is quite easy”, but the truth is that most people make the same mistakes: they over plan, they worry too much about meaningless things and miss the sweetest part of every trip – the expectation’s moment!

Balkan holidaysFirst of all, we would like to point out that you are not the only one who makes some mistakes when it comes to holidays! We were just like you, but after several years traveling and by gaining lots of experience along the way, we realized that every holiday can be much more amazing than you can even imagine… You just have to follow some simple rules and everything will be perfect!

Tip Number 4 – Keep early hours!
Wake up early to see the sunrise – everywhere in the world it is different… And don’t go to bed too late – you have to be fresh and completely relaxed to see the world around you with open mind and senses! Every morning is the perfect time to meet the locals. For example, you can go to the local café nearby and while you are enjoying your refreshing drink, to meet some interesting person!

Tip Number 5 – Be self-ironical.
When traveling, sometimes you will look very comically and sometimes even like a complete idiot! You will surely have some unexpected situations that will force you to do funny things. And instead of being angry or to be concerned about what the others will think of you, learn to laugh at yourself and not to care too much… Learn to look at the life from its comic and positive side, because it is really funny! And laugh a lot!

Tip Number 6 – Throw your phone away!
We all live in times when everybody is obsessed by its cellphone and by the Internet. And we all are so addicted to the modern technologies that even forget to live our lives! So just throw your phone away and forget for a while about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Yes, we know that you have no patience to share with your friends where you have been, what are you doing and how do you feel… But trust us, a holiday without a phone is much better that if you’re staring at the screen of your smart phone all the time!

Tip number 7 – Nothing is impossible.
If someone is telling you that you can’t do something, don’t believe him! Everything is possible, you just have to want it hard enough… And if you want to do something different during your trip or to experience something extreme – just do it! Yesterday will never come back and perhaps you will never have the chance to do what you missed. So, don’t be scared and let the spontaneity conquer you!

Tip Number 8 – Smile 🙂
Your smile can do miracles – be sure! And if you have some troubles, need a help, or just want to create new friendships, your smile have to be your most powerful weapon… Give the people around you a smile and watch what an amazing reaction you will see! They will smile back for sure and you will feel lots of positive energy. And if you show the people that you are friendly, the chance to open up is huge.

Tip Number 9 – Be broad-minded!
The secret of the good communication and long relations is to be broad-minded… This is very important quality because when we are in foreign country, the people are different from us and we have to see the life through their eyes! We mustn’t judge them if their lifestyles are not like ours and if their visions of world are totally differed from ours… Don’t be arrogant and don’t be stupid to resent aloud some things – never forget that you are in foreign country and every kind of disrespect can play you a bad jocke!

Tip Number 10 – Don’t think that the world is a dangerous place.
Most of people are very concerned about their safety when traveling… But in fact, the world is not so dangerous place than the television and the Internet make it out to be! Don’t let the negative emotions to fill you up and enjoy your holiday without any fear. Do not affect by everything you hear or read, because most of the information we receive is exaggerated and completely unnecessary for us! So, focus over your holiday and believe that everything will be fine…

Tip Number 11 – Try the local cuisine!
The best way to get to know some country is to try the local food. Yes, that is right! And here is not just to eat, but to see the local people, to watch their communication and listen to their language. Use the moment to get in touch with the people around you by asking them to recommend you something delicious to try – thus you will have another chance to make some new acquaintances!

Tip Number 12 – Be impulsive!!
Be open to exciting experiences and say often YES! Give yourself more unplanned moments and be creative! Visit places that you never imagined that they exist and don’t plan too much. Accept the friendship of the strangers and enjoy the unexpected situations!

Dear readers, expect our third part very soon. And until then do not stop traveling!