Have an amazing summer vacation and visit Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria!

Hello there! Did you already start looking for your next summer destination? If you did and every day you check on the Internet (tourist sites, travel blogs and deals) where you can escape with your family for an awesome vacation in July or August, then no doubts, it can be considered that you have started with the preparations for the upcoming summer season 2017!

And here we come – to inform you, inspire you and give you many guidelines about how and where to go for an amazing summer trip!

If you wish to have a really amazing vacation that to remember for a long time and that to meets all your needs, then visit the most incredible and modern sea resort in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach.

It is the pride of the Black Sea coast due to its great hotels, attractive establishments, exciting entertainments and hot nightlife!


The variety of things you can do when on holiday in Sunny Beach is really huge – from the wonderful beach life to the nice restaurants along the seaside and from the intensive life during the day to the gorgeous bars and discos you can check when the sun goes down…

In Sunny Beach there is something for everyone. For example, if you do not like water sports, just lie down on the sun bed (at the beach there are many of them that you can hire for a certain time) and enjoy the bright sun and the magnificent Black Sea! If you are not a fan of night life and partying in discos, you can relax at some of the pleasant restaurants in Sunny Beach (we recommend you to visit some of the traditional, Bulgarian establishments) where to spoil your senses with delicious food and nice live music…

As far as the hotels in Sunny Beach, note that if you have a tinny budget and want to save some money, there are excellent places where you can stay for less but having great family vacation.

And here, the most important thing you must know are the big price discounts that all hotels provide several months before the summer season to starts! By booking your hotel now, you can get a price of about 15% lower than the usual. Most often these hotel discounts are current to the end of March, so you dispose of lots of time to make your reservation and get a very good deal!

As a final, we wish you have a nice weekend and let the sun in your heart never stops shining – just like in Sunny Beach ♥!

See ya!